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Gabrielle Voices is working as usual with no interruption of service.

My studio is private and isolated. I record from my Studiobricks VO edition booth, within my bespoke studio. You can contact me to record remotely via Source connect or skype. 

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I am  a highly respected and experienced British Voice Actor with her own studio at her home in Kent, UK.  A trained actor, I works in all genres of voice over and narration with clients around the world.  A finalist for a Voice Arts Award in 2016 in Los Angles and BEST SELLING audiobook narrator for award winning authors, I  will bring your words and characters to life in 2019. 

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"An auditory joy!"  

"Gabrielle is a real talent, bringing new layers of emotion to the words on the page." 

"Gabrielle Baker does another fantastic job...."

"Gabrielle always over delivers , she's great to work with."

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